The Brooks Area Community Group is an Incorporated Society.

People in our group own property or have interests in the Brooks area being the area from the north-western side of the Brynderwyn Hills to the south-eastern side of the Mareretu ranges and includes the following roads:

  • Finlayson Brooks Road
  • Brooks Road
  • Eilean Donan Drive
  • Brookview Heights
  • Equus Road
  • Tiria Lane
  • Schultz Road
  • Durham Road
  • Gorge Road
  • State Highway 1 between Gorge Road and Finlayson Brooks Roads

Our group was formed originally to stop the NZTA establishing a four-lane expressway on the western side of the Brynderwyns within the corridor they proposed because either option A or option B would devastate our local community.

We are working with NZTA and our mission is to be proactively involved in the options evaluation process as a community. We have met with NZTA and understand that they are looking at other options within a wider corridor.

Our contention is that NZTA have failed to consult us properly or follow due process in getting to the point they have when they made their indicative routes known to the public domain.

We strive for better planned alternatives which include a region-wide solution to transportation problems and would include enhancing the rail corridor that is already in situ.  This is especially pertinent now that we have a new government and their desire to strengthen the Northland region.

Our groups intention is to be here for the community for the long term.   We are about the betterment of the community.  This is NOT an opposition group and our vision is to create a community that is abundant in all aspects.