Our Team – Committee

The BACG committee were elected on 14 October 2017.  BACG has a Constitution that requires up to ten committee members to be nominated by members.  The term of the committee is for 12 months, with a new committee to be elected in April each year at the Annual General Meeting.  The committee members and their contacts are:


PositionNameEmail Address
ChairpersonJo Floydchairperson@bacg.org.nz
SecretaryJann O'Reillysecretary@bacg.org.nz
TreasurerCraig Jamestreasurer@bacg.org.nz
MemberShip OfficerNancy Chavesmembers@bacg.org.nz
Committee Members
Adrian Townsendcommittee1@bacg.org.nz
Garth Houlthamcommittee2@bacg.org.nz
Kerry Franciscommittee3@bacg.org.nz
Paul Cogswellcommittee4@bacg.org.nz
Claudette Gray committee6@bacg.org.nz
Cath Stanawaycommittee7@bacg.org.nz