Cluster groups have been established and a person nominated to take responsibility for a group of residents that are typically in close proximity to the cluster group persons own home.

We are very grateful to George Craddock for his insight and hard work in setting up the cluster groups and getting them working.

The purpose is of the cluster groups is to provide a two-way communications conduit between the residents in the nominated area and the committee of the Brooks Area Community Group. 

If you have any concerns, input, or are able to assist the community group in any way, you can in the first instance discuss the situation with the cluster group leader assigned to your specific area as outlined in the table below.


NameArea of ResponsibilityContact
Karen Spencer10 Brooks Road - 200 Brooks
Nancy Chaves228 Brooks Road - 250 Brooks Road
18 Eilean Donan Drive - 108 Eilean Donan Drive
Claudette Gray274 Brooks Road - 356 Brooks Road
3 Equus Road - 14 Equus Road
357 Brooks Road - 529 Brooks Road
21 Brookview Heights - 50 Brookview Heights
Balance of Brookview Heights
Eddie WilliamsDurham Road
Schultz Road
SH12 Mangaturoto